Picture of Cllr Andy Munro

Councillor Andy Munro

Councillor Andy Munro is the elected Mayor for Church Stretton Town Council for 2022-23.

The Mayor chairs meetings of the Town Council and undertakes civic ceremonial duties on behalf of the Town such as attendance at the Remembrance Day Service.

The Mayor is keen to play an active part in promoting all aspects of the community and businesses in Church Stretton.  If you are planning a community event and would like to to invite the Mayor to attend, please contact the Town Council Office at 60 High Street, Church Stretton, Shropshire, SY6 6BY.  Please bear in mind that the Mayor’s diary fills extremely quickly, so as much advance notice of your event as possible would be appreciated, please also let us know whether you would like the Mayor to wear his Chain of Office to your event.

Picture of Cllr Sheila Davies

Councillor Sheila Davies

Councillor Sheila Davies is the elected Deputy Mayor of Church Stretton Town Council for 2022-23.

The Deputy Mayor is expected to undertake some of the roles of the Mayor who may not be able to attend all functions and events. They must also be ready to assume the Chairmanship of Council Meetings in the absence of the Mayor.

Should the Mayor for whatever reason be no longer able to undertake his/her duties, it will be the duty of the Deputy Mayor to take over the role until either, the Mayor is able to assume his/her duties, the Deputy Mayor is confirmed as Mayor OR a new Mayor is appointed.


Mayor's Diary

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