Church Stretton Recreation Park, Sandford Ave (Charity)

Registered Charity Number 1083574

Sandford Avenue Park And Pavillion

The Sandford Avenue Park was bequeathed to the town in the first quarter of the 20th century as a recreation ground for the benefit of the town’s residents.

  • the objects of the charity is, in the interest of social welfare, to improve the conditions of life for the inhabitants of the area of benefit without distinction of political, religious or other opinions by the provision and maintenance of a recreation ground.
    (2) the land identified in the schedule to this scheme must be retained by the trustee for use for the object of the charity.

The  Town Council Outdoor Team maintain the ground.

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Brooksbury Recreation Ground (Charity)

Registered Charity Number 1081463

Brooksbury Play Equipment

Also known locally as Richard Robinson Field or Churchill Road Rec

This recreation field , which lies between Russells Meadow and Churchill Road,  was bequeathed to Brooksbury Recreation Ground (charity)  through a  deed of covenance in 1933  which states it must be used as a  recreation and playground for children and young people for the Parish of Church Stretton (including Little Stretton and All Stretton)

The Town Council Outdoor Team maintain the ground.

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Silvester Horne Institute

Registered Charity Number 215846

Silvester Horne Institute

The Silvester Horne Institute & Institute cottage were built in 1918 and bequeathed to the town for the provision of an institute use and  community hall for the benefit of the inhabitants.

Income is generated from hiring the venue out for events. A small group of volunteers run concerts on a Friday night to raise funds which helps contribute towards the buildings upkeep.

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