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Community Messages

The late Eileen Roberts, a former town councillor started Community Messages in 2011 as an alternative way to pass information around our community.

It uses an email mailing list and is a quick and effective way of getting information out about the town, and is used regularly by the Town Council.

Community Messages are independent of the Town Council. The Town Council supports its aims and objectives, but is not responsible for the service.

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Town Council Facebook Page

The town council has a Facebook page, and we regularly share news and items to the Church Stretton Facebook groups such as Church Stretton Community, Church Stretton Community Spirit, Church Stretton Friends Info and Advice, and the All Stretton Village pages.

Please contact us to let us know of any other pages that we might use.

Church Stretton Town Council Website - limitations on use

The town council often gets asked to share information on behalf other providers.  We will routinely refuse these requests as we have mandatory guidelines regarding what we can and cannot publish on a gov.uk domain.  And those are detailed below.

On a more practical level we also find that members of the public will then wish to ask us questions for which we do not have the answers.  We therefore encourage organisers to create their own content and publish via the means that we have identified on this page.

GOV.UK Domain guidelines.  Content that should be published is that which:

Content that does not do one of these things should not be published on a GOV.UK domain.

What should not be published

The following types of content should not be published on GOV.UK:

  • content that repeats or significantly overlaps with existing content
  • advertising for commercial purposes
  • intranet or other services exclusively for civil servants
  • professional training or qualifications
  • information or advice that is not specific to government and can be provided by other organisations or charities
  • legislation that’s on www.legislation.gov.uk
  • information from sites and agencies exempt from transition to GOV.UK
  • organisations and companies, like mutuals, that are not publicly owned
  • content only relevant to users in devolved parts of the UK (Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland)