Church Stretton and Area Community Emergency Plan

Church Stretton Town Council in consultation with staff from the Mayfair Community Centre, the Good Neighbours charity and local parish councils is in the process of producing the new Church Stretton and Area Community Emergency Plan.

The Plan considers the types of emergencies that might occur in the area and their possible impact on the community e.g. loss of electricity or water, flooding, impassable roads. It considers actions we can take to prepare for these and how the Emergency Plan Community Action Group might respond. Temporary places of safety within Church Stretton and the surrounding villages have been identified for any residents unable to stay at home. In the event of a major incident Shropshire Council will also open a longer term reception centre in Church Stretton.

In the event of services being disrupted, or bad weather preventing movement, volunteer community wardens will check on their street or neighbourhood and summon further assistance if required.

The plan  is in final draft form and, after further consultation, will be presented to the Town Council for adoption.  Once adopted individual leaflets will be delivered to each household carrying instructions about what to do in an emergency and how to prepare the household for emergencies.