Open Spaces

We have a number of open spaces, cemeteries, parks, recreation and playgrounds around Church Stretton, managed by the Town Council with the help of volunteers. They are all open for the public to enjoy.

Coppice Leasowes Nature Reserve

Coppice Leasowes with trees and water plants in the foreground, and a lady walking with her dog.
Coppice Leasowes Local Nature Reserve (LNR)

Coppice Leasowes Local Nature Reserve straddles the A49 north of the Church Stretton junction. The more wooded section is to the east, and the wet lands to the west.


Rectory Wood & Field

A view from Rectory Field with autumn yellow, orange and brown leaves on trees with the tower of St. Lawrence's church behind and Ragleth Hill in the distance
St Lawrence’s Church from Rectory Field

Town Centre car parks are less than 5 minutes walk away. From The Square walk past St Lawrence’s church along Church Way to the entrance of Rectory Field at the far end. Rectory Field is ideal for small and large gatherings, walking dogs, and picnic at the tables in the lower part of the field.


Sandford Avenue Park

The Sandford Avenue Park from near the A49 junction

There is nowhere better for people to exercise and relax, and for children to play. It is a large open space, free of traffic, with play equipment, and spme sporting facilities. People play Bowls on the crown green, and there’s Tennis courts, Croquet and a skatepark under construction.


War Memorial

Picture of the War Memorial with the Long Mynd in the background.
A seat overlooking the War Memorial and Ragleth Hill in the background

The War Memorial is located on the mound between Burway Road and Longhills Road. We remember our fallen every November here.

Below the War Memorial, at the junction between Burway Road and Longhills Road there is a shelter overlooking a grass area with spring flowers,, popular with picnickers during the day and gatherings of small numbers of younger people during the early evening.

Below the War memorial, the shelter and spring flowers. One of the Coronation trees is next to the seat on the ‘triangle’

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