About Council Meetings

Meetings of the Council and Committees of the Council are the formal occasions where discussions and resolutions are made by Councillors that govern and direct the business of the council.

Notice of meetings, Agendas

Meetings are announced by posting an Agenda at least three days before the meeting. The Agenda lists the business to be addressed at that meeting. If you would like to receive notification of Agendas when they are posted please register your email address.

You can view the list of agendas of previous meetings.

Minutes of Meetings

Minutes may be published prior to ratification at our discretion and for your information. These will be marked as ‘Draft’ on the document. They will be replaced by the ratified version as soon as practicable after the appropriate meeting.

Download copies of previous meeting minutes.

Large print copies are available from the council offices.

Cancellation of Meetings

Scheduled meetings may be cancelled at short notice if situations demand it.

Public Participation

The Public and Press are welcome to attend Council and Committee meetings, but please contact us in advance to advise of your intention to attend.

At the start of the meeting 15 minutes is set aside for questions and statements from the Public. Preference is given to topics that are Agenda Items. However, members of the Public may also wish to make statements on topics that they would like the Council to consider at a future meeting. Please email the Town Clerk in advance if you wish to speak at the meeting, or complete your details on our contact form.

If you would like copies of papers from the meetings, please contact us.

Confidential Business

Public and Press will be excluded when items of a confidential nature are discussed. Confidential Items are typically items that are sensitive for Legal, Commercial, Personal, or Employment reasons.

Location of Meetings

The Agenda tells you where and when the meeting is being held.

Meeting Rooms

Full Council meetings are normally held in the main hall of the Silvester Horne Institute, High Street, Church Stretton.  There are a a number of steps to access this room; wheel chair users would need assistance to access.

Occasionally the council will meet in the Council Chamber of the Silvester Horne Institute  which is accessed via a flight of stairs, and is not wheel chair accessible.

Committee Meetings are often held in Committee room 1 in the Silvester Horne Institute. There are a number of steps to access this room, wheel chair users would need assistance to access.

Accessible Meeting Room

If you require the meeting to be held in an accessible meeting room so that you are able to attend, please let us know as soon as possible.

Online meetings

Meetings may be held on line. Details will be specified on the Agenda for each meeting. Please use the Contact Form to request meeting access links.

Silvester Horne Institute Location

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