Press Release 17th Jan 2020

Town Council Precept

Lowest Rise for Many Years

At its meeting on January 14th, for the next financial year, the Town Council set the lowest local precept rise for many years. However, with little prospect of central government increasing funding for local government services, it was still thought prudent to cover for inflation with a 2% rise (£3.68 on a Band D property).

Support for Youth Services

Nevertheless, the Council did identify funding to compensate for the reduction in funding of youth services by Shropshire Council. 

Website Upgrade

It will upgrade its official website and facilitate the website development of the re-forming Area Tourism Group. 

Maintenance Backlog

The Council also agreed a programme of work to address the maintenance backlog on its recreational areas and to seek ways to rationalise their future management in order to achieve further efficiencies.

Affordable Housing To Be Sought

The Council will continue its drive to secure more genuinely affordable housing (protected from private sale), if evidenced in the housing-needs survey, sent this month to every household, along with a Community-Led Plan survey, inviting residents to contribute their ideas to the Forward Development Plan for the town.

Comment from the Mayor

Cllr. Bob Welch, Church Stretton Town Mayor, commented ”Thanks to prudent management, I am pleased that we have kept the rise in local council tax as low as possible. We have also committed to an ambitious programme of work, including beginning to implement our climate emergency resolution.  I want to remind all residents that we need their help in completing the Housing Needs Survey and the Community-Led Plan Survey. The deadline for returning both these surveys, either on-line or on paper, is February 7th.”

For further information, please contact:

Cllr. Bob Welch bob.welch@btinternet.com 01694 722998

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