Meeting Dates

All full Council Meetings will commence at 7.00 p.m. (unless otherwise stated or agreed by Council at a previous meeting) and will commence with a 15-minute Open Session allowing questions from members of the public on Agenda items.

Most Committee meetings commence at 7.00pm. Committees will be postponed or called by the Chairman of that Committee as and when needed.

The council committee structure is made up of six committees; finance, public realm, planning applications, communications, personnel & strategy & planning.

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Dates for 2021

4th January Executive Forum 2pm
5th January Amenities, Finance & General Purpose Committee 7pm
12th January Planning Committee 7pm
19th January Council Meeting 7pm
1st February Executive Forum 2pm
2nd February Amenities, Finance & General Purpose Committee 7pm
9th February Planning Committee 7pm
16th February Council Meeting 7pm
23rd February Economic Development Committee 7pm
1st March Executive Forum 2pm
2nd March Amenities, Finance & General Purpose Committee 7pm
9th March Planning Committee 7pm
16th March Council Meeting 7pm
5th April Executive Forum 2pm
6th April Amenities, Finance & General Purpose Committee 7pm – CANCELLED
13th April Planning Committee 7pm
20th April Council Meeting 7pm – CANCELLED
22nd April Annual Assembly 7pm
27th April Economic Development Committee 7pm – CANCELLED
18th May Annual Council Meeting 7 pm
1st June Council Meeting 7pm
29th June Council Meeting 6 30pm
17th August Council Meeting 7pm
24th August Council Meeting 7pm
5th October Council Meeting 7 pm
2nd Nov Council Meeting 7pm

9th November Public Realm working group

16 November Planning Committee Meeting 7pm

23 November Finance working group 2pm

23 November Extra Ordinary Council Meeting 7 pm

7th December Council Meeting 7pm

14 December Planning Committee Meeting 7pm

Sheila Davies

on behalf of Town Clerk, November 2021

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