Preferred Sites Consultation

Received from:  Planning Policy Team, Shropshire Council

Seeking comments on the third stage of consultation

Shropshire Council is continuing to progress with its Local Plan Review. To inform this review, Shropshire Council is now seeking comments on the third stage of consultation on the Local Plan Review, the ‘Preferred Sites’. This consultation runs from Thursday 29th November 2018 to Thursday 31st January 2019.

The Consultation:

  • Outlines a housing policy direction to improve the delivery of local housing needs;
  • Establishes development guidelines and development boundaries for Shrewsbury, Principal and Key Centres, and each proposed Community Hub.
  • Sets out preferred sites to deliver the preferred scale and distribution of housing and employment growth during the plan period to 2036.

Getting Involved

If you are interested in being involved in shaping the future of your local area, then we [Shropshire Council] would like to hear from you. See How to get Involved on our web page

The ‘Preferred Sites’ Consultation Document; questionnaire; and related documents (including Sustainability Appraisal; Habitats Regulations Assessment; and Equality and Social Inclusion Impact Assessment), are available on the Shropshire Council website at:

Paper Copies?

Paper copies will also be on display at Shropshire libraries and main Shropshire Council Offices during their normal opening hours. The evidence base documents which have informed this consultation are available to view on the Shropshire Council website at:


How to Respond

To respond to the ‘Preferred Sites’ Consultation, please use the questionnaire which is available on the Shropshire Council website at:

Once completed, the questionnaire can be submitted by:


Email to:

If submitting your own response, please enter your last name in the email subject field;

If submitting a response on behalf of a client, please enter their last name in the email subject field.

Or Post:

  • Post to: Shropshire Council, Planning Policy & Strategy Team, Shirehall, Shrewsbury, SY2 6ND


Please ensure that Shropshire Council receives any consultation response by Thursday 31st January 2019.


What Happens Next?

Further stages of consultation will occur in 2019.


The existing Core Strategy & SAMDev Plan will remain in force until any new Plan is adopted which is anticipated around 2020.

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