Services ‘At Risk of Closure’ in Church Stretton

The Town Council will be present at the following locations in July to enable you to ask questions and give us your views:-

  • Saturday 9th July at the Community Games
  • Tuesday 19th July from 4pm to 8pm at the Silvester Horne Institute. This will be an opportunity for you to come and find out more about the different options for each service and the proposed management arrangements, any volunteer requirements and predicated costs, before completing the survey.

As from April 2017, Shropshire Council is proposing to cease funding the following discretionary services in the town:-

  • The library service
  • The leisure centre and swimming pool
  • The Visitor Information Service

The Town Council is asked to make recommendations back to Shropshire Council on any possible alternative management and funding arrangements within a very tight four month timescale.

So, throughout June the Town Council has been busy talking to the surrounding parishes about working together to save these services, and talking to organisations who have expressed an interest in helping to run them in the future.

Throughout July the Town Council will be holding a formal consultation with local people, setting out the options for retaining these services (or not), together with the cost implications for local council tax payers.  This will take the form of a numbered survey which will be provided for each household, with an on-line version for additional household members/for preference of use.

We will also be running an internal exercise, in parallel with the wider consultation process, to see where we can make savings, so that the costs of the existing level of service you receive from the Town Council is reduced wherever possible.

Whether these services are saved and at what cost will have significant implications for all residents, so the Town Council is keen to know the views of as many residents as possible, before setting out its recommendations to Shropshire Council in September, as required.

Marian Giles, Town Clerk,            Cllr Mike Walker, Mayor, Church Stretton Town Council

2 thoughts on “Services ‘At Risk of Closure’ in Church Stretton”

  1. The meeting on July 19th is advertised in Focu as from 1400 hrs – 2000hrs.
    The wesite states 1600hrs – 2000hrs.

    Which is correct?

    1. You are correct. The information was given to Focus several weeks ago and circumstances now mean the start time has changed to 4pm. We do apologise for this and hope you are not inconvenienced.

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