Church Stretton Launches ‘Services At Risk’ Survey

Church Stretton Town Council launched its community survey this week, asking local households how willing they are to pay through their precept to protect key services at risk of closure by Shropshire Council. The survey is being delivered to every household in the parish before July 30th, with an individual reference number, for response by August 22nd.  The survey can also be viewed on line at .

The survey was promoted at a Community Information Event held at the Silvester Horne Institute on Tuesday night.  The event was attended by local councillors, groups proposing alternative arrangements for the library service, and supporters of the Leisure Centre and Pool, all there to engage local people in the debate about the way forward for these key services in the town. 

Councillor Mike Walker, Chairman of the Town Council said “We believe it is vitally important that local people are equipped with the information to enable them to decide whether it is fair to increase the local precept in order to secure the future of these key services – particularly as we already have the highest local precept in the County”. 

Cllr Walker also added “I would also like to stress that, following the outcome of the Judicial Review in respect of the library, the decision about its future location will be decided by Shropshire Council following a new consultation exercise in the coming months.  The Town Council will make representations to Shropshire Council  within that process based on the outcomes derived from its Community Survey.   Ultimately we are committed to working with whichever preferred provider is selected through that process.  We would not want local people to gain the impression that we have a bias towards either proposal”.

Cllr Mark Morris who is leading the “Love Your Leisure Centre” campaign said “I have been struck tonight by how many parents and families have taken the time to come and share their concerns with me about the risk of the community losing the use of the Leisure Centre or Pool in the future.  We campaigned for over 20 years to get a Leisure Centre for the town and it would be a crying shame if only Church Stretton School can use it in future.”


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