Library Article in Focus – Apology

Apology from Church Stretton Library Group

"We apologise for the misleading impression given in the November edition of Focus (Page 24) which suggested the Town Council had agreed to provide salary funding for library staff, if Shropshire Council accepted our bid to run the library and if the Town Council thought we could provide a sustainable service.

The Town Council have budgeted to make a contribution towards the running of a future town library service. No decisions have been made about how that budget will be spent. Until the town council have heard all proposals and requests from prospective tenderers they are not in a position to agree how this money is to be spent.

Our proposal relies on the Town Council making a contribution towards the running costs of the library, but also relies on us raising additional funds through donations from residents and fund raising events.

Sheila Davies (Chair)
Church Stretton Library Support Group"

Webmaster's Note:

For clarification, there are three resolutions recorded in the minutes of the Council Meeting held on Tuesday 13th December 2016 ( 13/12/2016 ) that refer to the Town Council's commitments:

RESOLVED (Unanimously with Cllr Chapman not voting) The Council reaffirms its commitment to supporting a sustainable local library service.

RESOLVED (Unanimously with Cllr Chapman not voting) The Town Council allocates a sum of £10k to be added into the At Risk Services budget for 2017/18

RESOLVED (11 in favour, 1 abstention and with Cllr Chapman not voting) The Town Council agrees to allocate a sum of £30k to the 2018/19 financial year onwards for the At Risk Services budget.

Use this link for a more complete review of the At Risk Services

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