Indoor Leisure Facilities Strategy for Shropshire 2018-2023

What it’s About

Providing Leisure Centres fully equipped to modern standards is difficult, if not impossible with the current constraints upon Shropshire Council’s finances. The public and other bodies are asked to comment on the proposed strategy.

You can read the announcement in the Shropshire newsroom at:

Local Leisure Centres?

The strategy sets out a hierarchy of leisure facility provision and describes, based
on an assessment of need, how Shropshire Council will meet the recreational and
sporting needs of Shropshire residents by supporting:

  • Six Tier 1 Leisure Hubs – “destination” facilities within Shropshire’s larger market towns that provide a wide range of facilities and leisure opportunities
  • Four Tier 2 Community Leisure Centres – “local” facilities within smaller towns and settlements potentially providing a more limited range of leisure opportunities

What do You think?

If you are someone who uses existing leisure facilities, and have views about what is provided, where, and at what times, then please share those views by commenting on the document.

To find out more about the draft Leisure Facilities Strategy please email

The Strategy Document

You can download the strategy document from Shropshire Council’s website here.

Consultation Period

The consultation will run for six weeks, until Thursday 29 October 2020.

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