Services “At Risk” – Consultation Documents

This page lists the documents that provide the background and detail that concerns the Services At Risk consultation.

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Community Consultation Process July/August 2016

The background behind the current consultation is described with an explanation of the process that is being followed in July and August 2016. - Community Consultation Process


Shropshire Council have described their processes on their web page:



Community Consultation Survey Form

A brief explanation of the circumstances and options - Consultation Survey Form


Community Consultation Household Survey Report - September 2016

This report represents an independent analysis of a community survey by Church Stretton Town Council to establish the willingness (or otherwise) of local parishioners to pay an increased local precept in order to retain two key ‘at risk’ services - the Library Service and the Swimming Pool/Leisure Centre. -  At-Risk Services Report of Household Survey.pdf


Hypothetical Figures

A set of Hypothetical Figures that summarise the costs of each option -  Hypothetical Figures

Leisure Centre & Swimming Pool Pledge Form

Residents campaigned for many years to achieve the Leisure Centre, you may now wish to contribute to the costs of running and refurbishing it and the swimming pool. The Pledge Form  explains how - Leisure Centre Pledge Form.


Library Support Group Business Plan

Church Stretton Library Support Group Ltd.'s Business Plan for the Library - Library Support Group Business Plan

A second Business Plan has been submitted (dated November 2016) -  CSLSG-Library-Business-Plan-November-2016.pdf


Library Support Group Flyer

Church Stretton Library Support Group Ltd.'s flyer to keep the Library under public control -  Library Support Group Flyer


School Library Option Proposal

This Proposal document has been provided by the school  - School Library Option Proposal

A second Proposal document has been received (December 2016) -  Community Library Proposal at the School


School Library Option Flyer

This Flyer has been provided by the school in support of their Proposal - School Library Option Flyer


Swimming Pool Options

This describes in summary the Swimming Pool options - Swimming Pool Options


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