Things to do during self-isolation

Most of you will have more than enough to occupy your time while you are all self-isolating because of Covid-19 but just in case you need a few ideas, here are a few to start you off……

               Try not to worry over things you cannot control ……..practise  positive thinking

*Contact someone you have not spoken to for years

*Search out old school friends

*Speak to someone every day (over the wall, on the phone, by email)

*Watch out for a neighbour, give them a call/text/email

*Don’t have the Corvid-19 News on all day.  Listen to news once a day

*Organise your life, set yourself goals for each day

*Eat regularly and well, keep hydrated

*Try out recipes you’ve never cooked before

*Catch up on jobs – clear out cupboards/ drawers & discover long lost things

*Try a new radio station

*Read plenty of books, discover a new genre

*Use Google to research a subject you know nothing about

*Learn a new language (use Google)

*Write a daily diary

*Look at old photos and start to write about your life from earliest memories

*Organise photos into albums (send for an album on- line)

*Experiment cooking with what food’s in the house- results could be surprising

*Use Skype/Facetime to keep in touch with family

*Watch catch up TV/ box sets

*Watch comedy programmes

*Get out into the garden if available

*If you sing or play an instrument look up on- line ‘Gareth Malone Great British Home  Chorus’

*Prepare to take up a new hobby

*Paint or draw what is through the window

*Set up a still life arrangement to draw

*Do jigsaws

*Dance along to music on the radio

*Exercise every day (use stairs for step ups)

*Give yourself a facial / do your nails

*Google  Flight Tracker 24 and see who’s flying where. Compare UK with EU & USA

*Start to look up your Family Tree

*Look on Google for ‘Yoga with Adriene’ and….

*‘Joe Wicks live workouts’

*Make a travel Bucket List and research countries you want to visit

*Bag up old clothes for Charity shops

*Take virtual tours of famous Museums (Louvre, Prado, British Museum, National Gallery) via Google

*The YouTube channel, The Show Must Go On, will enable you to enjoy Andrew Lloyd Webber’s famous hit musicals, available on YouTube on Fridays, at 7pm.

*Tidy out the garage

*Start Spring cleaning

*Organise your bookshelves

*Write down what makes your life happy and why

*Prepare meals with the kids then let them make their own !

*Do you have a Book in you? Make a plan about the plot

*Teach the kids a new skill – cooking, woodwork, knitting,

*Learn Morse Code / sign language

*Plan something exciting for when this is all over

You will all have your own ideas about things that work for you. I hope that you make the most of this self-isolation and try and turn this negative into a positive.

Keep safe & well………………………………………Cllr Hilary Claytonsmith

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