New Year Message 2020

New Year Message from Our Mayor

After the national political paralysis of the last three years, there is a widely shared hope that the country can, in this New Year, come back together again to address issues of common concern.  It is encouraging that all parties now agree that rural areas have, in the past, not been receiving their fair share of national funding.  In its turn, Shropshire Council has recognised the need for a Rural Strategy that helps market towns and their surrounding parishes to come together for their mutual social and economic benefit. This is made all the more necessary by the continuing constraint on the funding of public services at national and county level.

As a community, we need to pool our thinking on how best to address the challenges ahead. How to:

  • promote local youth provision;
  • create employment opportunities especially for our younger residents;
  • develop genuinely affordable housing, while conserving our surrounding countryside;
  • keep our shopping centre thriving with visitors, coping with the challenge of on-line shopping and competition from other market towns;
  • address the needs of our ageing population;
  • take full advantage of technological advances;
  • rise to the challenge of climate change.

In addressing these challenges, the Council wants to ensure that it minimises any further increase in local council tax. To that end, the Council is undertaking a comprehensive review of its current costs and its use of buildings and land holdings.  That will inevitably involve some challenging decisions.

Having seen the damage of divisiveness at national level, let us, at our local level, resolve, at this New Year, to work together for the good of the town, whatever our differing views,

Cllr. Bob Welch. Town Mayor

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