Thursday Market Arrangements for 02 April 2020

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New Location for Church Stretton Thursday Market

We have now negotiated with Shropshire Council a special dispensation to use the largest car park on Easthope Road (opposite the Co-op), to enable the two market traders of essential food supplies to operate on:

Thursday April 2nd from 8.00 to 11.00am

You cannot park in this car park until after mid-day. Please park in one of the other three neighbouring car parks.

Social Distancing Rules Must be Followed

To comply with the government instruction on social distancing and to minimise risk, we will enforce the following arrangements:

Pre-Order Fruit & Vegetables – Collection Only

You must pre-order fruit and vegetables from market trader, Billy and Michelle Simmons, and either pre-pay on 0777 358 0818 or pay in an envelope on the day. Walk-up sales are not allowed.

Allocated Collection Times

When you place your order, they will allocate an hourly slot between 8.00 and 11.00am for you to collect your boxed order. You may queue either on foot or in a separate car queue.


You may purchase fish from market trader, Paul and Samantha Owen (phone(corrected) 0745 6221662), There will be only one queue, so if you come by car, please park first then join the queue, please maintain your safe distances.

You must approach the fish van one person at a time to select and purchase fish. Payment will be by cash, so gloves must be worn.

Queue Control

Town Council staff and volunteers in high-viz jackets will marshal the queues with police backing. It is essential you maintain a two-metre distance between people at all times.

Subsequent Market Arrangements

If successful, we will continue this arrangement for the duration of this Covid-19 emergency. Failure to comply strictly with these requirements will trigger the immediate closure of the market.

These extraordinary measures, although inconvenient, are in order to protect the well-being of all Church Stretton residents.

The full Notice can be downloaded here:  [Download not found]

Last updated 31 March 2020

1 thought on “Thursday Market Arrangements for 02 April 2020”

  1. Whilst I realise that you are doing your to mitigate risk to the public in these difficult times the procedures that you enforced for the veg stall yesterday were woefully ridiculous. You have turned it into a farce just trying to obtain our fresh essentials. As an employee in a local supermarket I am daily in close proximity with shoppers in our store. Your “over the top” procedures did not enhance public safety over what I experience at work. Please, please allow the stalls to operate, with 2m restrictions of course, normally. The way they had the stall operating last Thursday (March 26th) was logical and worked well, we did not have to queue for nearly 2 hours for service as we did yesterday. If you do not sort this, I for one, will not be going there again as it was a miserable experience trying to obtain fresh fruit and veg; which are of course very important in maintaining a healthy immune system in these worrying times. Thankyou

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