Challenge of Narrow Pavements

Shropshire Council has been working closely, and at speed, both with Church Stretton Town Council and the local Chamber of Trade to devise temporary ways of making social distancing possible around the town centre, with a view to having these arrangements in place by June 15th, when further shops reopen. The very narrow pavements on the High Street are a particular challenge. So, there is common agreement that there is a need to introduce a temporary one-way system.

Anti-clockwise direction

The one-way system will commence from the junction of Beaumont Road with Sandford Avenue, requiring traffic to proceed in an anti-clockwise direction up Sandford Avenue, then South down the High Street to the Bucks Head roundabout, left down past the Co-op and left again along a one-way Easthope Road, to re-join Sandford Avenue.

Map of temporary one way system in Church Stretton

One Hour On Street Parking

It has also been agreed that the time allowance for on-street parking will be reduced from two hours to one hour to create greater turnover. Every effort will be made to conserve as many on-street parking spaces as possible, while making the necessary allowances for pedestrians to social distance and larger lorries and buses to turn safely.

Installing over the weekend

Shropshire Council’s Highways Engineers will be installing barriers and revised line markings over the weekend of June 13th and 14th,but will seek to keep inconvenience to a minimum.

“The Chamber of Trade welcome the support of Church Stretton Town Council and Shropshire Council in helping our businesses move forward in these challenging times.”

Jane van Doesburg of the Church Stretton and District Chamber of Trade

Test Opportunity

Cllr. Bob Welch, Church Stretton Mayor, added: “The town has long debated how to adapt its historic town centre to modern needs. The pandemic has afforded us the opportunity to test out temporary arrangements and to adapt them, in the light of experience, to the benefit of all. It is hoped these temporary arrangements will give residents the confidence necessary to give traders their much-needed support.”

For more information:
Cllr. Bob Welch bob.welch@btinternet.com 01694 722998

10 thoughts on “TEMPORARY ONE-WAY SYSTEM 15th June 2020”

  1. As a resident of Church Street I am reminded daily that the road has become a ‘Rat Run’ for vehicles wishing to avoid the Temporary one-way layout. We residents fear for our safety in this narrow ancient backwater with no footpaths. The following proposal for Council to consider.:-

    Retain ONE WAY traffic north to south in High street.
    One way traffic in Church Street to be REVERSED
    One way traffic in Churchway to be REVERSED
    Advantages :-
    a) Rat Run done away with and both Church Street and High Street traffic flows south.
    b) Market Trader etc lorries can turn from Church Street into Churchway.
    c) Minimal cost to alter signage and road layout.
    d) Lower impact on ancient road surfaces.
    e) Vehicles travelling north along Ludlow Road/High Street forced to use one way layout. Eveyone is a winner.

    A wider footpath with planters in High Street and a traffic free Square would be a great asset to consider for the Towns future.

    1. The reversal of traffic flow in Church Street sounds like an excellent suggestion to compliment the scheme in High Street. It should be investigated further by the Council, along with consultation with residents of Church Street, and at the very least it should be tried temporarily as an addition to the present scheme in High Street.

  2. William Kerswell

    What an idiotic scheme!The town was clogged up with vehicles belching exhaust fumes into shops,waiting at the unnecessary traffic lights hired at it was said£1000 per week ,and disabled people having to walk hundreds of yards from the car park instead of parking on high street to visit bank or shops,that reported a huge loss of trade,when struggling to survive anyway.Also through traffic was using Church street,a normally quiet residential road,and using Beaumont road as a ” rat run to avoid traffic lights delay.The national trust also coned off Shrewsbury road all way to All stretton,in order to divert visitor traffic into a field by water works ,charging £5 to park,what a money spinner!,but preventing residents and people visiting residents from parking in Shrewsbury road,when they are not the Highway Authority ,allowed to erect cones,and using the field without Planning Permission as far as can be ascertained ,however som proper management of visitor influx,caused by PM s silly call for people to ” drive as far as they like into the countryside”, is necessary The politically inspired W elsh devolution,stopping traffic to coast was mainly responsible for chaotic traffic in stretton.

  3. A Short update from the Mayor, Cllr Bob Welch.
    Last week, the Town Council reviewed with Shropshire Council the initial resident feedback on the temporary one-way system. As a result, a significantly modified temporary one-way system will be introduced within a few weeks and the three-way traffic lights will be removed on Friday (3.7.20).
    We very much want to use the opportunity of this pandemic to try out arrangements for the possible permanent re-configuring of the town centre arrangements, taking account of all possible rat-runs, as well as the full range of feedback. That will include the feasibility of cycle lanes. We have already had feedback from drivers concerned about cyclists ignoring the High Street one-way system. E-scooters, shortly to be legalised, will also have to be taken into account but current thinking appears to be that e-scooters share the highway with cars rather than endangering cyclists in their lanes.

  4. This does not work. It is creating traffic queues which are polluting, it makes the town look like a building site, and it is trying to solve a problem that does not even exist. In doing this you have in fact created more problems than the scheme is intended to solve. Pushing more traffic past the coop is an accident waiting to happen. The pavement on Shrewsbury road has now been made narrower by the signs telling us why this silly scheme has been introduced! Also as you can go down Sandford Avenue, the lights at the junction are not required. The lights themselves have reduced the amount of parking on Sandford Avenue, which is counterproductive, and how the person who lives right by the lights on Shrewsbury road feels I cannot imagine. I am afraid this is a very badly thought our project, it creates far more problems than it solves, and it makes to town look dreadful. Stop introducing knee jerk schemes at huge cost and try to actually engage the residents and ask then their views, at least then you might get a workable solution instead of this dogs dinner.

  5. Well done for making this happen, I’m sure you’ve had every opinion under the sun. Keep plugging away, we need to adapt & modernise and this is a great way to test some ideas. Keep it up.

  6. Perhaps someone could correct my understanding of this. The description says the one way system starts at Beaumont Road heading up Sandford Avenue, but the drawings only show the one way applying to High Street. The drawing allows traffic to travel down Sandford Avenue from both Shrewsbury Road and Burway Road, which means the one way system doesn’t start at the Beaumont Road junction. So have I misunderstood something?

    1. The only section of the ‘system’ that is One Way is the High Street. Traffic from Shrewsbury road can turn right up Burway Rd or left down Sandford Avenue, but note that the section from Shrewsbury Rd down Sandford Avenue is Traffic Light controlled. Why Traffic light controlled? The footpath is narrow at the top end of Sandford Avenue, so it is being temporarily widened using Cones and provision of kerb ramps. A similar widening arrangement applies to the High Street and near the pedestrian crossing lights at the lower end of Sandford Avenue.

  7. This seems to be a good idea & possibly overdue. The aim to devise ways of ways of making social distancing possible around the town took a huge step backwards last Thursday when the market was moved back to the town square, a much smaller space from where it had been successfully operating in the larger car park. Whatever the reason was for moving it was definitely not in the interest of the safety of residents.

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