Covid–19 Update – April 22nd

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The Church Stretton Covid-19 Emergency Team of local services and community groups continues to hold weekly phone conferences to co-ordinate responses to emerging community needs.
There are now a small number of confirmed cases of Covid-19 infection in the community, with more suspected cases which have not yet been tested. There are now just over 350 confirmed cases in Shropshire. The Testing Centre at Shrewsbury Football Ground is now fully operational but testing is confined to those who have been referred by their GP.

The Church Stretton Medical Practice is triaging patients remotely and is grateful for patients using pharmacies to treat minor ailments during this emergency. However, the doctors stress the importance of continuing to seek timely medical advice for more serious conditions.

Newsworld, the Co-op and the Vindicus Shopping Service are continuing their excellent work in providing more than 60 home deliveries of essential items per day, with the help of Mayfair volunteers. Mayfair has also trained volunteers to give skilled help by phone, particularly to vulnerable self-isolating residents experiencing difficulties, especially those totally reliant only on a phone. If neighbours know of any such residents, please encourage them to make contact with the Mayfair Centre on 01694 722077. Alternatively, for those experiencing mental health concerns, Shropshire Mind is keen to offer assistance on 01743 368647

The police report that the great majority of people are maintaining the appropriate social distance, when going into town or taking exercise. Please report any flagrant breaches of this national instruction to the police. It is now a requirement that all those delivering essential items to others have to obtain a carer’s pass from Shropshire Council on 01743 255776 or email:

Just as the Churches have closed to avoid cross-contamination from pews, so the Town Council has decided to tape off benches in the Park and in Rectory Field. For those requiring a short breather, it is still possible to “perch” on the taped benches.
Cllr. Bob Welch, Church Stretton Town Mayor

Last updated 22 April 2020

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