Covid-19 Bulletin 6th May 2020

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This page contains updated information: as of 7th May 2020

75th Anniversary of Victory in Europe (VE) Day Friday May 8th

It is right that we remember together those who gave their lives in the last great national emergency. So, residents are encouraged to come to their windows and front doors to observe two minutes silence at 11.00am and then enjoy the “remote” street parties in the afternoon.

Local Infection

There is now confirmed infection in Stretton Hall Nursing Home, with some residents self-isolating, but the staff have adequate protective clothing and continue to cope admirably in this challenging situation.

Social Isolation

With the extension of the lock-down, it is particularly those individuals who are solely reliant on phones for any outside contact, on whom the lock-down is having the greatest mental effect. Please will family, friends and neighbours of such individuals, make them aware of the help available from Mayfair on 01694 722077.

Mayfair volunteers are providing supportive phone calls to over 80 individuals.  Mayfair is also sending out information packs on the help available, as well as a guide on “Things to Do in Lock-down”.

The government has identified some 200 individuals locally in need of “shielding”, only a few of whom are currently known to Mayfair, but they are all now being visited by nurses to establish their requirements.

Food Bank

Thanks to local generosity, the Food Bank is now able to help many more people.  The Food Bank is now well staffed with volunteers, who are able to deliver food parcels, within a five-mile radius.  Households running short are encouraged to make contact with the Food Bank: , phone  07561 693870 or Mayfair 01694 722077


In lock-down, residents are enjoying their gardens or fresh air through their open windows, so everyone is asked, in deference to their neighbours, only to have bonfires as a last resort, especially as Re-cycling Centres are re-opening. Bonfire smoke is particularly aggravating for people with breathing difficulties and especially those with Covid-19 symptoms.

Local Shops and Eateries

Residents are thanked for the way they have responded to the various offers of home delivery of food, meals and other items.  They are encouraged to keep track of changing offers on Community Messaging or social media. It is vital that this support is maintained for the duration of the lock-down to ensure the future survival of these businesses.

Easing of the Lock-down

As the government issues guidance on the easing of restrictions, the Town Council will liaise closely with the Chamber of Trade, to ensure that the appropriate arrangements are in place for maintaining social distancing.

Information will be available on the Town Council web-site:

Town Council contact:   
phone 01694 722113     

Last updated 6th May 2020   

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  1. I appreciate the updates regarding businesses etc. Would it be possible to include information regarding the dentists? I know they are limiting to emergency only, it would be good to know when restrictions are eased a little.
    Thank you.

    1. Hi Delia, Thank you for your comment. We endeavour to keep you informed by updating our noticeboards, website and facebook pages as soon as we hear about developments. We do rely upon people telling us about new information, and using this comment feature on our website is a good way to help us help everyone.

      Richard Hickman – Webmaster

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