additional parking 29th May 2020

Visitors Cars blocking residential roads


After the exceptional circumstances of last weekend, which saw visitors’ cars parked on pavements, driveways and verges, with total disregard for local residents, the following arrangements have been put in place to counter such irresponsibility in the coming weekend.

Increase Patrols

The local police have agreed to increase their patrols in the vicinity of Cardingmill Valley and the mobile police response team will also be in evidence.

Shropshire Council has agreed to arrange patrols by parking enforcement officers on both days.

Increased Parking

The National Trust has increased the number of cars allowed into Cardingmill Valley to 200.

The Schools and Leisure Centre have been asked to make their car parks available over the weekend. 

The Town Council has arranged, as a contingency, a temporary overflow car park on Richard Robinson Field, off Churchill Road, so as to counter the dangerous parking in adjoining streets, blocking any access for emergency vehicles.  This car park will be marshalled by a combination of community and National Trust volunteers.  This car park will only be opened if required by the pressure of numbers.

Under Review

These arrangements will be kept under review, as all agencies collaborate in trying to cope with the exceptional demands, consequent on the partial easing of the lock-down.

Cllr. Bob Welch, Church Stretton Town Mayor

5 thoughts on “additional parking 29th May 2020”

  1. Roy Swarbrooke

    We appreciate that you had to find away to find parking after last weeks safety issues we ourselves had cars parked outside our house as we do when children at school parents like people last weekend park on pavements on our rd. But not only are they parking on The pavement but we only have a pavement on one side of our rd ,which means persons who have walking difficulties are not able to walk from their home on pavement. So I suggest when you put yellow lines further down Churchill Road as you must know after these last two weekends is totally necessary that you include The Paddock to allow us to have one free pavement . With Carding mill Valley seeing larger numbers of visitors over the last few years increasing we are going to see more problems for parking. We appreciate people do want to enjoy our wonderful town . So please make this a pleasant place for visitors and residents

  2. Samantha Middleton

    Have you seen how this strategy is working out? Russell’s meadow car park is full to bursting and I can’t take my 2 year old for her daily walk round there. None of these people are from here and it’s completely unnecessary, disrespectful and inconsiderate for the local community. I’ve grown up and lived here for over 26 years and I’ve never seen it like this. It’s a disgrace that we locals don’t have a place to go in our own town.

  3. visitor numbers should be discouraged not encouraged by giving free parking in Robinsons field which is and amenity for the local population not hoards of tourists exposing local vulnerable residents to corvid 19 !!

  4. This is brilliant news and much needed. Thanku to all the marshalss/volunteers and I hope you receive respect from the incoming visitors. X

  5. If you do need to open the Robinson Field,can you please ensure extra bins are in place as the ones there are already full as of 9am Saturday,otherwise the field will be covered in rubbish!!!Dave Stead Ascot Close.

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