Christmas Message from the Mayor 2020

Christmas Tree in the Square

A Christmas Like No Other

This Christmas will be like no other in not being able to meet up freely with our loved ones, if at all. The latest restriction of meeting only on Christmas Day and not travelling far will add further to the disappointment of many. The pandemic has already been hard for everyone and particularly so for those living alone. However, we are fortunate that our community has proved so supportive and managed, to date, to keep the local rate of infection low.

We Owe to those who Helped

We owe thanks to the many volunteers from Mayfair and other voluntary organisations, as well as the shops and eateries, who have reached out to those in need during this challenging time. We think also of all the key workers, doctors, nurses and care staff, worn down by their efforts over the last nine months, for whom Christmas and New Year will offer no respite.  We owe them all a continuing debt of gratitude.

Hope for an Escape from the Virus

The continuing roll-out of the vaccination programme offers us all the prospect of an eventual escape from this virus threat. It is vital that we all respond positively to the call to vaccination, when it comes. We must then contain our natural impatience to be rid of the current restrictions, until that vaccination programme has been completed. This will not be until well into the new year.

Let us take hope from the fact that an end to the restrictions is now in sight.

Cllr. Bob Welch
Town Mayor

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