Barclays Bank Closure – Church Stretton Branch

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Cllrs Lee Chapman, David Evans and Michael Braid with our Much Wenlock opposite numbers, met with Philip Dunne MP and representatives of Barclays Bank regarding their plan to close the bank in Sandford Avenue.

We presented a number of arguments in support of the branch remaining. We focused especially upon the plight of the elderly and vulnerable, to whom internet banking is a closed book, and on how business customers will be forced into time-consuming journeys that will "take them away from the shop". Cllr David Evans shared his experience following the Barclays branch closure in Craven Arms, that fewer people visit the local shops than they used to.

Nonetheless, and despite the strong local support from Church Stretton bank customers, shoppers and residents, "it was crystal clear Barclays had made up their minds before the meeting" as Philip Dunne said.

Cllr David Turner and Much Wenlock Town Council also made a strong case for keeping the last bank in Much Wenlock open.

Lee Chapman said “Thanks to everyone who has signed the petition and have written to Barclays bank. We knew that it was a long shot to change Barclays' mind, but we gave it our best. Now we need to channel our energy into ensuring that the Post Office can also serve bank customers along with the TSB, ensuring the elderly and vulnerable still have access to local face to face banking services in Church Stretton”.

For further information, contact:
Danny Chetwood, Town Clerk, Church Stretton Town Council
01694 722113

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