HRH The Prince of Wales

Proclamation Event

A formal proclamation of the Accession of  King Charles III, will be held in the Market Square at 3pm on Sunday, 11th September to which all residents are invited to attend.  A programme of the event is set out below:

Reading of the Proclamation:  Sunday 11th September 2022

Gather 2.45 pm Market Square, Church Stretton

3pm     Introduction from the Mayor

Reading of the Proclamation

At the end of the Proclamation the Mayor will say: God Save the King

Official Guests repeat:  God Save the King

All present join in saying: God Save the King

First verse of God Save the King to be played by Mark Tocknell and Richard Walker

Reverend Steve Johnson will lead the Town in a short prayer

The Mayor and councillors invite you to join us afterwards at the Silvester Horne Institute for refreshments.

The parish proclamations are the last of a cascade of proclamations that start at St James Palace at 10 o’clock Saturday, and then cascade across the country.

Town flags will be flown at full mast during the proclamation cascade, and then will be returned to half mast for the remainder of the mourning period.